EU immigration policies for third country nationals

The aim of this project is to review EU member states’ visa systems with regard to existing temporary mobility routes for third country nationals. The findings of this review will enable HMG to prioritise the potential barriers that these visa requirements pose when formulating detailed positions for both negotiated and non-negotiated outcomes.

Aims and Methods

The first two specific objectives of this research, which relate to an overview of all available temporary mobility routes for third country nationals (TCNs) and a review of how these routes are implemented in practice and used by businesses, are analysed through:

  • Task 1. A desk review of EU-wide and national sources.
  • Task 2. Interviews with country experts to explore the practical application of temporary mobility requirements for TCNs.

The third specific objective requires an estimation of annual administrative and visa costs to a typical business in selected UK sectors is modelled through:

  • Task 3. A cost analysis for an average UK business of changing from free movement of people to third country status.

Timescale and funder

The review is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). NIESR is working on this project in partnership with Ecorys. It began in March 2019 and will be completed in June 2019.

Research programmes