Mapping digital businesses with Big Data [completed]

Governments around the world are trying to grow their digital economies, and to develop high-tech clusters. However, the size and nature of digital business is hard to pick out using conventional datasets. This project uses innovative big data sources and analytics to map ICT and digital content firms across the UK. The project is a partnership with Growth Intelligence and the Centre for London and is funded by NESTA.

The project has three phases. In Phase 1 we develop steps to identify digital businesses, using a combination of SIC codes and Growth Intelligence's bespoke sector / product categories. Phase 2 involves detailed descriptive analysis, combining observed and modelled variables as well as novel analysis based on text mining. Phase 3 is econometric analysis looking at the determinants of growth in digital businesses. Working with the Centre for London, we will also conduct further descriptive analysis for the Greater South East. 

The project began in July 2013 and was completed in July 2014.


Full report here